The truth behind the tips on lucid dreaming.

Every day more and more people search for the magic key to lucid dreaming. On the past years, we have seen how the “easy and fast” way become more relevant than the “Step by step” way. The younger dreamers have found a powerful tool to achieve these dreams: The Oneirogenic plants. This can be used as a shortcut to our goal, but: Is it true?

From Mydreamsmeaning we always recommend you to keep on the training and natural ways, but as these methods continues to gain relevance among the youngest, here we prefer to tell you everything you need to know about them.

Lucid dreaming plants.

Lucid dreaming tea
Lucid dreaming tea

The commonly called “Oneirogen Plants” encompasses a list of herbs and roots that give to the dreamers the possibility to control their dreams easily and fast. The word “Oneirogen”, comes from the Greek (oneiro = sleep) – (gene = create).

Oneirogen it is used for plants or substances that increase the chances to have lucid dreaming.

There are some plants you may use to help you have lucid dreams, but not all of them are recommended. If you want to know the true about them keep reading.

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Mugwort tea for lucid dreaming.

At some places like Brazil or Spain, this herb can be mistaken with the St Johns worth. Please be aware of that kind of confusion.

Let’s clarify that the Mugwort tea has no effect to the dream patterns. If someone recommends you Mugwort tea for Lucid dreaming, it may be mistaken with the St. John’s wort.

Guayusa tea for lucid dreaming.

The Guayusa is an Ecuadorian herb that contains caffeine. This herb is highly consumed for its stimulating properties.  Unlike coffee (which introduces caffeine into the body at one time), the Guayusa releases caffeine progressively into the body.

This herb has been associated to dreams, since the natives of the Ecuadorian Amazon have carried out for hundreds of years the “Ceremony of Guayusa and the interpretation of dreams”.
In this ceremony, during the night, the elders of the tribe prepare the infusion of Guayusa, while the adults and other young people relate their dreams while enjoying the infusion. Before the sun rises, all dreamers will get their dream interpretation along with the advice and direction from the wise of the tribe.

Guayusa tea Lucid Dreaming
Guayusa tea Lucid Dreaming

In conclusion, the Guayusa tea does not have much to do with lucid dreams, since it is a natural stimulant and an herb with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. But due to this ecuadorian ceremony it has lead to some misunderstanding.

Ashwagandha lucid dreaming.

Originally from India, this herb is used to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.
Ashwagandha helps slow down cell deterioration, supporting cognitive function and rebuilding synapses of nerve cells. This plant relieves stress and anxiety, restores sleep and memory, and improves mood.

Among all of its properties it is worth to highlight:

  • It makes you feel refreshed and able to handle stress.
  • It gives you more energy and makes you be alert from morning to day, with fewer cravings
  • You will gain more control over your diet
  • Relaxing state and with renewed sexual energy
  • You are more productive and able to remember names and dates.

Some people relate the Ashwagandha to Lucid dreams, but actually, this herb is not the most recommended. If you want to know what herbs or teas are better to achieve Lucid dreaming we invite you to read this  Lucid Dreaming Tea post.

Reishi mushroom for lucid dreaming.

This Mushroom is commonly used as a sedative. It has relaxing properties and it can help you to achieve a sleep pattern more easy and fast. It is not the most recommended for Lucid dreams as it can lead you to a dreamless sleep.

Lucid dreaming Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a pathology in which people do not regulate sleep correctly. People with it experience frequent urges to sleep and in some cases fall asleep involuntarily, while talking or even while driving.

Occasionally, narcolepsy manifests with hallucinations while dreaming or waking, and even with brief episodes of total paralysis. Despite all this, scientists have discovered that these types of people have an advantage to achieve lucid dreams, since they are more creative.

Narcolepsy Privilege.

A characteristic of narcoleptic people is that they present many symptoms associated with paradoxical sleep (it comes after deep sleep and lasts between 15 and 30 minutes). Furthermore, most of them are aware of dreaming when they dream: sometimes they can even influence the dream experience (lucid dreaming).

In view of all these data, the scientists set out and determined that people with narcolepsy have privileged access to this phase of sleep.

Read, judge, act!

Internet is a powerful weapon at the time to search and find information, but not all of it is true! Everyday there is more and more people giving advices without any knowledge, so be aware. From MyDreamsMeaning we recommend you to read and judge by yourself all the information and don’t settle with or a single opinion.

We hope you liked this post and find out the clarification to your doubts. Share your experience with us, leave us a comment!

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