Binaural beats for lucid dreaming.

What are the Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats are two pure identical tones, but in a slightly different frequency presented in a separated way in each ear.

When hearing these, the brain interpret those different frequencies as a single tone. For example: If you hear 90HZ on the right, and 80Hz on the left, your brain will hear a 85Hz sound.

How does it work?

Binaural Beats produce a training effect on the brain. When you hear to this tones, the waves on your brain adjust automatically to them. As a result you can produce an “Alfa” state of relaxation, or intensify the “Delta” state of sleep.

Brain waves lucid dreaming

These are the different Brain waves you can find in your brain:

Gamma (25-100Hz): High brain activity.

Beta (12-25Hz): awake and active state, as you are right now.

Alpha (8-13Hz): relaxed state, but still awake.

Theta (3-7Hz): first stages of sleep.I & II NREM

Delta (1-3Hz): deep sleep. Phase III NREM

How can these Binaural Beats help me have lucid dreams?

According to recent studies, consciousness and sleep are related to an increase in brain wave synchronicity, most of it during the Alpha state. Through meditation and Binaural Beats, an individual can increase this synchronicity on the brain, and therefore, help to develop the consciousness. 

Is there any risk?

No, there is no harm for you. Although, we will always recommend you to use your common sense. 

There are different Binaural Beats you can listen, and we recommend you not to listen relaxing tones when driving or working. On the same hand we don’t recommend you Binaural tones that induce activity just before sleep.

If you are not used to listen to music before bed time, we recommend to use the Binaural Beats progressively. Long sessions of these tones can provoque headache if you are not used to them. So listen to them with common sense, and if you notice something unusual or unpleasant, take it as a sign of Slowing down a little.

Where can I get them?

Here we have a list of the best Youtube Binaural Sounds.

Binaural Sounds can be found everywhere on the Internet.

There are lists on Youtube, Spotify, and there are even some places where you can download the themes.

The only recommendation we give you is that before listening to it, check what kind of stimulation it gives you. That information is usually written on the description of the video/podcast.

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