Dangers of lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreams are usually an intriguing field. People often associated this phenomenon with religions and esoteric practices without knowing actually what it is about. On the internet you can find a lot of different opinions about safe or unsafe dreams. On Mydreamsmeanning we want to inform you about the experts opinions and latests recommendations

Is it safe to have Lucid Dreams?

The answer is “YES”. There are not threats for your life if you want to have a Lucid Dream. The only thing you should keep in mind it that there are some things you can face as you are not used to them, and you can prepare yourself. All the extrange situations we are talking about, are the ones derived from a lack of preparation. To avoid this kind of risks, here we teach you all the possible scenarios you may find and how to be prepared.

Do Lucid dreams cause tiring?

This is absolutely false. During these dreams, the mind and the body are perfectly capable to shut down and regenerate the energy you need to face a new day. Professional dreamers describe their experiences as exciting and refreshing, not exhausting. Even though it is normal that, a some point, you feel “more tiredness” after several days of practising lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming with sleep paralysis

The sleep paralysis is a temporary incapacitation to move your body at will during certain period of time. This can easily happen during the transition between the awake state and the sleeping state. Sleep paralysis is usually really stressful. At first the Individual doesn’t understands what happens, he is conscious and able to listen and feel, but is incapable to move. However, after a few minutes everything goes back to normal.

This phenomenon is really common in the classification of the different types of existing parasomnias. There is no risk or threat for the dreamer’s life, as this is only a dissociation between the mechanisms that cause muscle relaxation in the REM phase and the ones that operates in the awake phase.

Lucid Dreams can provoke a sleep paralysis, as this kinds of dreams, operates in a “conscious state inside your unconscious dreams”. When Lucid Dreaming, it is very possible that you find out you cannot move, and you are conscious, but your body doesn’t respond. If this happens, no worries! Try to remain calm and wait, everything will be normal after a few minutes.

Can I stay trapped in a Lucid Dream?

There are a lot of people with this fear, to stay trapped and to never wake up. The truth is that no one ever experienced that. What actually happens, is that there is people who, when lucid dreaming, dreams about waking up, and actually they are still dreaming. This usually happens when people tries to force wake up from a dream, and start fighting the dream instead of relaxing and enjoy. 

If this happens to you, remember that “It is impossible to stay there forever”. Try to relax, and enjoy the dream, your brain is still somehow asleep and needs more time to wake up.

Lucid dreaming and night terrors.

This kind of situation is very common, like the Sleep paralysis. When you have a “Lucid nightmare”, depending on the experience you have in Lucid dreams, you have to try to remember you are dreaming.

“This is only a Dream”. Repeat that to yourself and leave the dream take its course. Test the dream, make reality checks. Knowing that you are dreaming is the best tool during Lucid Nightmares. If you are facing an animal, leave the animal attack you, after that you will realize that everything is ok: It’s just a dream.

These dreams are usually used for that purpose too: Face your fears. This can be a powerful way to face whatever bothers you in real life. 

Lucid Nightmares are very uncomfortable situations, but the truth is that there is no risk for your health. As much experience you have in Lucid Dreams, the easier will be to change a nightmare into a beautiful dream.

Lucid dreaming real?

Most of the people in the planet wants to escape from reality, that is a fact. For that reason, the abuse of video games, alcohol and different drugs is increasing over the time. Lucid dreams can also be taken as a way to escape, and there is a risk to become addicts to its practice.

The professional dreamers tell us that in comparison to the other escape ways from reality, a Lucid Dream is very easy to stop. They prove that there is no fear to stay trapped in them, or mix them with reality.

This risk is only real for those who suffer an emotional or mental ill. There is no risk for a normal person to mix dreams with reality if you are healthy. If you have doubts, we recommend you to talk to a professional psychologist before trying to induce you a lucid dream.

Here are 3 final recommendations to be safer during Lucid Dreams

  • Remember it’s just a dream
  • Create an habit without creating an addiction
  • Don’t fight with the dream, enjoy it and let it flow.

Now you have the word… Did you ever fear one of this things?

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