Dreaming about dead

For most people, dreaming of death is somewhat chillin, it is a topic that in general one does not always want to talk about. We must clarify that although for many it is the end of everything, for others the beginning of another life or perhaps another opportunity that is offered.

The subconscious does not stop working even when we sleep, and many times it tries to talk to us or warn us about things during sleep. Dreaming of dead people is much more common than you think. Surely all people, at some point in their lives, have dreamed of this.

Dreaming about dead

Dreaming of dead parents.

Despite being a dream that shows a situation that we do not want to go through, dreaming of the death of a mother or father is not always bad luck or a bad omen. Contrary to what this dream seems, many times it is the warning of something in which we are failing:

  • It may mean that we are not spending the time they deserve
  • Maybe your activities take you away from visits, or it’s been a long time since you have sat down to share a moment.

Your subconscious is warning you to take advantage of the quality time you have with them. Stop to think about your daily life and take this opportunity to value having your parents and tell them how much you love and value them.

In another case, if you dream of parents who have already died, and who die again in the dream, it is a bad omen. This means that you may be about to go through a difficult time with problems and inconveniences. Your subconscious is warning you, you must prepare for what may happen.

Dreaming of dead relatives.

Generally dreaming about a dead relative is not at all pleasant, however when you dream of a deceased family member it is not always unlucky. The meaning of this dream is closely linked to the relationship you have with that person.

If in the dream you see your mother, grandmother, close aunt etc, this means that you need support and affection. If the relationship you had with this relative was not so close and she visits you in dreams, it may be that there are unfinished topics and this does not allow you to rest. This dream can also mean that you have not yet overcome the duel.

 It is important to pay attention to what the deceased relative in the dream says or does. They come to your dreams, including those ancestors you never knew to give you family coverage and warn you of things to come.

Dreaming  about a dead person’s funeral.

If a grave or tombstone appears in your dream, it may be telling you that you must leave the past behind and bury everything that bothers or worries you. If in the funeral, or later in the tombstone you can see your name, it means that you are worried about some person close to you. Leave everything behind and focus on your future.

Dreaming of a dead brother or sister.

This is one of the most difficult dreams to interpret because it reminds us the bad moment of loss. The meaning of dreaming about dead brothers means courage. They are sending you strength to face the possible difficulties or possible future losses.

Dreaming of a dead person hugging you.

This dream means that it is very difficult for you to live with the current situation you have with this person. It is even possible that this person has not died and at this moment you are estranged and you believe reconciliation is impossible.

Dreaming of a dead relative crying.

If you dream about a crying dead father or mother it can mean that you are going through a difficult time, whether it is economic or family related. Don’t neglect communication, pay attention and act accordingly.

Dreaming of a crying relative is telling us that perhaps our actions are not correct and we are causing or causing harm to someone we love.

Dreaming of a dead person smiling.

In this type of dream it is important to observe the person, his attitude, the clothing. If they are dressed up in white and happy, it means that they have assimilated their departure and have found a good place to be happy. Dreaming of a dead person dressed in white means purity and happiness, everything will be just fine.

Dreaming about the dead

Dreaming of a dead person talking to you

You must pay attention to this type of dream and especially to what this person tells you. That message will be very important in the future and it may change your life.

Dreaming of a dead son

When you dream of the death of a child it means that you are about to start a new relationship. This dream is a good omen, good luck is coming and social success.  You will be loved by many people.

Dreaming of a dead pet

When you dream of the death of a pet it means that you are afraid of loneliness, not loneliness of being or being alone but the loneliness of not having support. 

Dreaming of dead cats

This dream means that you are committing something bad in your life, it may be in your work family or even in your relationship.

Dreaming of dead rabbits

This is a symbol of bad luck. You may wonder why everything always turns upside down and question yourself if your person attracts bad luck.

Dreaming of dead rats

Dead rats in your dream is not always a harbinger of some calamity or illness, its meaning is not always negative. This can augur some change into your life.

Dreaming of a dead horse

When you dream of dead horses it means that you do not have enough power to make your own decisions, you are too submissive. This puts you in a bad mood and depressed. Pay attention and change this aspect of your personality. 

Dreaming of a dead fish

This means you have a cold and calculating personality. It also means that it is difficult for you to face and take charge of some situations.

Dreaming of  dead flies

Depending on the size of the flies, a challenge approaches to your life. It means that you can achieve all the objectives you set for yourself.

 As we clarify and warn after each topic, dreams are generally premonitory and are not always literal. If you dream of the death of a loved one it doesn’t mean that it will happen literally, but you should analyze the meaning of that dream to reverse that situation calmly.

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