What is a Dreamcatcher?

Dreamcatcher and its symbolism.

A dreamcatcher is an ethnic object made of a ring where a spider web is woven. Usually decorated with feathers and beads, its designs are unique and its colors will bring joy to every room.

This object comes from the Ojibwa tribe, one of the native tribes of North America. Its symbolism of protection gives it magical properties related to dreams. In the actual world, people use them as an amulet or talisman of protection.

In the Ojibwa language, it is called “Asabikeshiinh”, which means “Spider”, or “Bawaajige nagwaagan”, which translates “Trap or trap of dreams”. In english, the word dreamcatcher comes from the English “dream catcher”.

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Properties of the dreamcatchers

For the Ojibwa, a dream catcher is able to filter your dreams by letting only positive dreams pass. According to their believes, the bad dreams get caught in the net and disappear at the first light of dawn.

On some occasions, there are people who give it a different meaning, as they interpret the word “dreams” in the sense of “aspirations” and “longings”. Do to this, they believe that dream catchers help to achieve what one sets out to do.

Whatever the interpretation you choose to give to this object, the real thing is that the Dreamcatchers bring protection to those who own them.

Let`s read some History.

Dreamcatchers belong to the Ojibwa culture and are based on an ancient legend. Originally, they were made by hand, formed by a circular ring made with willow, inside which a net was woven imitating a spider web with ribs, cords or threads (originally, made with nettle fiber ), which used to be tinted red. They were placed on children’s beds to filter out bad dreams.

Over time, the dream catchers spread to other Native American tribes, as a symbol of identification of the native culture. Since it had become a commercial product, that has broken with the tradition. Today, they are manufactured in different materials and in different shapes, and are marketed in many parts of the world.

The Ojibwa legend.

Ojibwe dream catcher
Ojibwe dream catcher

Its origin is explained in the tradition from the Ojibwas.

It all begins with Asibikaashi, a beautiful spider woman who was tasked with keeping an eye on all Ojibwa’s boys and girls. At nightfall, the beautiful Asibikaashi visited each of the houses in the village, leaned into the cribs or beds of the little ones and began to weave on them a fine and delicate fabric, which was capable of catching any nightmare and disappearing it. Thanks to this, the children could rest and remain safe at night, since the negative energy was trapped in the networks woven by Asibikaashi. This worked until dawn, when the resplendent morning glow came it fade away the evil and renew everything with its light.

When the Ojibwa population started to grow and spread throughout North America, It became very difficult for her to care for all the children. For that reason the mothers and grandmothers of Ojibwa, began to weave willow strands around a teardrop hoop or ring. As a result they obtained a net similar to that woven by the spider woman .

The love and  protection feeling with which these nets were woven endowed them with magical properties. This nets trapped the nightmares and bad dreams of the little ones, which allowed their rest and protection.

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