Dreaming about drowning

Dreaming that you are drowning is without a doubt one of the most terrifying dreams you can have. Despite not being very frequent, these dreams make you wake up with a start. However, dreaming that you drown is not a premonitory dream, it is a dream that alerts you to different situations so that you can prevent them.

Dreaming about drowning in water

Dreaming that you are drowning

If in the dream you drown in clear water, despite being an unpleasant situation, it warns us of some problem or dangerous situation. It is actually a warning and we must take it for what it really is.
This dream can also mean your unconscious desire to return to the womb.

Dreaming that you are drowning in sewage means that you have a source of corruption close to you that you may not know, or health problems. It can symbolize that you carry regrets of having acted wrong and hurting someone.

Dream about choking

Choking on food means you make a world of yourself by focusing on your problems, seeing them as insurmountable. If you take the time to analyze them, you will see that they are not so terrible and that they are much easier to overcome than they seem.

When the one who chokes on your dream is someone else, it means that they have something to tell you but prefer to keep quiet so as not to hurt or worry you.

Dream that you will be saved from drowning

If someone in your dream helps you or saves you from drowning, it clearly means that you are going through a difficult time and need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it as the wisest and strongest people recognize a moment of weakness and act accordingly.

Dreaming that you are choking for shortness of breath

Dreaming about drowning

Dreaming that you are drowning or short of breath means that you are overwhelmed, surely you are experiencing stages of anxiety or a lot of stress when you are about to take exams or face medical exams. If you dream of drowning in dreams it is only a reflection of your daily reality, manage your anxiety and relax.

This dream means that you may start to enjoy social success, that is, many people will love you.
If more than one child appears in the dream it is indicative that some project is in danger of being shipwrecked.
If a woman dreams of a drowned child it may mean that she fears the secret of her clandestine relationships will be revealed.

Dreaming of a baby drowning

When you dream that a baby is drowning it can mean your negative emotions. Maybe you are afraid of a new relationship that begins, a new responsibility that you do not think you can carry out, in short fear of failure. This dream represents that there are emotions that you think you cannot handle.

You have the last word!

With no doubts dreaming of drowning is a very common dream, but it tells us about a worrying or overwhelming situation. While this situation can be very critical, you should try to calm down and understand that it is only a warning. Taking this into account, if any inconvenience approaches, you will not be unprepared.

What do you think about this kind of dreams? Have you ever dreamed that you were drowning? Leave us your comments !!

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