All the truth about Lucid Dreaming.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the kind of dream a person may experience when their body is asleep, but their mind is still aware in some level of what is happening, so you know you are sleeping. According to the experts, when a person has lucid dreamings, he or she will gain some control of what happens in the dream, control over the characters, the narrative, and the environment.

What is Lucid dreaming?
What is Lucid dreaming?

Definition of lucid dreaming psychology.

According to the Psychology, a Lucid dream is a dreams in which you are aware of being dreaming. “The levels of lucidity cover a very wide range of experiences, from having a nightmare and when you realize it you wake up, to recognizing the dream as such, remaining conscious within it and changing its content with the power of intention”.

Location awareness

If you are dreaming lucid, the focus is greatly expanded. The sense of space opens its channel and the dreamer, unlike what happens in any other normal dream, can distinguish where he is or what action he is taking. Likewise, those who have experienced lucid dreams claim to have been in specific places that they had never visited during the vigil.

Awareness that you are dreaming

It is the most common trait. In all cases, the person can wake up if they choose to, because they are aware that it is a dream.

The memory

In the dream world, memory does not act as it does in waking, since some parts of the brain are inactive. This means that we can hardly make use of it.

Eye movements

This is one of the most fascinating features of lucid dreaming. When a person chases a ball or any object with his gaze, he makes a movement known as “soft tracking”. Such movement cannot be faked, since only if the brain is detecting movement with sight can it be carried out. It was recently discovered that when a person enters lucid dreaming, soft-tracking eye movements during sleep are very similar to those that occur during wakefulness, while they are qualitatively different from saccadic tracking, which occurs when imagined. In other words, for the brain, the visual experience that occurs during sleep is more similar to the perception of real objects than to the imagination, so that for our mind the dream is true and not a product of fantasy.

How lucid dreaming works?

Lucid dreams appears on the REM phase of our sleep. Usually, at this stage, people dream without any control of what happens, but for lucid dreamers this is different. The person starts to dream, and their body is fully relaxed, but the consciousness is still aware and has the capacity to make decisions. The memory functions, the awareness of yourself and the environment is present, and the person is still capable of concentrate and focus. Thanks to all these elements, the person can decide what happens in the dream!

How to get into lucid dreaming?

There is a lot if different techniques to induce Lucid dreaming, but we believe that the best ones are the WILD (Wake Induce Lucid Dream) and the DILD (Dream Iniciated Lucid Dream) techniques.

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Is lucid dreaming bad?

Lucid dreaming is not bad at all, in fact, it has been used as a good therapy practice, for people with phobias and fears. These dreams can bring some more tiredness for the dreamer, as the person is  not completely resting during the dream. But apart from that, the side effects of these dreams are not dangerous for the dreamers.

What causes lucid dreaming?

Actually there are several studies trying to determine what causes a lucid dream. There is evidence that the lateral prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that deals with our logic, may be responsible for this phenomenon, but we aren’t sure what’s going on in the brain during lucid dreaming. There is another possible explanation that involves hormones and sleep disorders, but the experts are still deciding its origin.

A lucid dream appears during a waking state at the REM face, where the body is asleep but the consciousness is still aware. The dreamer starts to dream knowing that he is dreaming, so he can decide at good will what happens next in the dream.

How to induce lucid dreaming?

There are several practices to induce a Lucid dreaming tonight. From Mydreamsmeaning we recommend you to try to follow the natural ways and not to take pills. Training your brain is the most efficient and healthy way to achieve it. There are several articles on how to Induce lucid dreamings, we invite you to search through our website to find the best exercise for you.

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What is lucid dreaming like?

What is lucid dreaming Like?
What is lucid dreaming Like?

Lucid dreaming occurs during the REM sleep. The body is basically paralyzed (asleep), with the exception of the eyelids. Everything that happens in the dream will depend on your own decision.

So… How would I feel during a Lucid dream?

It will feel how you want it to feel. At the beginning, you may not be able to control every aspect of the dream, but with training experience you will decide every single detail of it. As more you work on the subject more easy will be. To achieve this you will need to be constant and hold high expectation about it. Some people find it helpful to ask questions during sleep.

A tip we can give you to stimulate the lucid experience is to make sure you sleep well and gain experience with the different techniques. As more you train your brain the easier will be.

Is lucid dreaming real?

No, it’s just a dream. It will be pretty real, and at the beginning it will feel so real that you will doubt. But with the practice and training you will note the difference more and more.

How common is lucid dreaming?

For some people lucid dreaming is a daily thing, but there is still people who had never experienced it. Curiosity has made that people try harder everyday to have lucid dreams. There are experts trying to invent with the best techniques teaching the best and most simple way to achieve it. Thanks to all of  this we can say that Lucid dreaming is more and more common every day.

How to know if you are lucid dreaming?

The best thing you can do to realize if you are in a dream or not is to perform reality checks. There are different reality checks you can do, here we give you the most common and effectives:

  • Cover your nose and mouth and check if you can breathe – If it is a dream you will realize that even though it’s physically impossible, you are breathing just fine.
  • Ask yourself if you are dreaming – It seems pretty obvious to ask this question, but it will be really helpful to do it.
  • Watch your hands – You may find some differences between them, or maybe you’ll see they have different colors or shapes.
  • Observe yourself in a mirror – In dreams, usually you will find that mirrors do not show your own reflection as good an clear as it should. If you observe yourself blurry it can signify that you are dreaming.
  • Try to check the hour in a clock/watch. – If it is impossible to read it, or it doesn’t have any sense, it indicates that you are dreaming.
  • Check if you have super powers – Maybe you are able to fly or have super strength.. try it!! It will be super fun!
  • Observe the environment and compare with your daily places.

There are a lot of different reality checks you can perform, and we recommend you to try them all!

How to wake up from lucid dreaming?

Actually, this is pretty easy for most of the people: simply you choose to wake up, and you do. Another way to wake up is to stare at an object in lucid dreaming for a period of time. Still others know that if they get too involved in certain emotionally charged activities they are very likely to wake up. In general, lucid dreamers have no problem waking up. Rather, most of them are concerned with staying in lucid dreaming as long as possible, or until they have achieved what they want.

How to stop lucid dreaming?

As we said before, Lucid dreamers have no problem at the time to stop this experience. All you have to do is to decide to stop, and change the dream course. Or just decide to wake up.

Is lucid dreaming a sin?

Absolutely NO. Some people fear what they do not know, and there are a lot of mysticism involving lucid dreaming. That is not enough reason to think that these dreams are diabolic or a sin. As we said before: Lucid dreams are the result of your imagination and your will, your consciousness and your fantasies.

Can you die from lucid dreaming?

NO. A Lucid dream is only a dream where you decide what happens, how and where, but it’s still a dream. There has been a lot of mystery involving the Lucid dreams because of the famous question: If you die in the dream, can you die in real life? The answer is: That is not true.

There are two different things that can happen if you die in a lucid dream:

1 – You wake up to reality.

2 – You will see that the dream ends and you stay in an empty black space until another dream starts.

How to prevent lucid dreaming?

There is not an exact science to stop this dreams to happen. There are some studies that says that people who sleeps over their left side are more likely to have dreams. But actually we cannot say that sleeping on the right side assure you not to have a lucid dreams. There is people that choose to take some pills, or infusiones before bed to sleep. Our advice is to go to bed and relax with non anxiety, eat well, avoid stress and maintain good habits. Always remember that  the body influences the mind. Decide to sleep with No lucid dreams and you will achieve it.

Is lucid dreaming real?
Is lucid dreaming real?

Do lucid dreaming pills work?

People taking pills to sleep or to have lucid dreams is more and more common every day. Here we give you all the information about this.

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We hope you can solve your doubts about Lucid dreaming with this post. This is a very fun and helpful way to experience new things or to face some problems we avoid is real life.

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