Music for lucid dreaming.

Guided meditation for Lucid Dreaming
Guided meditation for Lucid Dreaming

We are always exercising the best techniques and the different ways to enjoy lucid dreaming, in our research we have discovered a treasure with the Lucid dreaming music. This method of inducing lucid dreams is much more efficient and enjoyable for the dreamer.

Music is a powerful stimulus that affects the individual’s perceptual field. The sound flow can fulfill various functions, like: entertainment, communication, setting, fun, etc.

The music must be present in all of the aspects of our lives. It fulfills a vitally important function in the cognitive development of the human being.

Music has multiple purposes, among others, to arouse an aesthetic experience in the listener, to express feelings, emotions, circumstances, thoughts or ideas.

Next, we will give all the info you must know about the Lucid dreaming with music.

Lucid Dreaming Music – Youtube Videos

Youtube offers a lot of relaxing and delightful music to induce Lucid dreaming. You can choose a long song, or a short one, with background colours or with landscapes. There are videos for all the preferences. These will give you the option to listen to binaural beats and to get focused in your sleep.

Try it every night you want to experience these dreams and let it guide you through the line that divides the real world with the fantasy one. We recommend you to listen to it with headphones.

Lucid dreaming meditation by hypnosis.

Meditation is an ancient practice that allows you to dominate the mind and reach a state of full consciousness. It is a technique that reduces stress and increases general well-being.

This practise is used in treatments for patients with stress, anxiety or depression.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as “intentionally paying attention to the present moment, without judging”. This is a discipline based on the scientific method: systematic observation, measurement and experimentation.

The best way we can learn how to meditate is through a guided hypnosis.

What  are the effects of meditation in our mind and body?

  1. Meditation increases our ability to be mindful and helps us focus on a task for a longer time period.
  2. Strengthens the immune system.
  3. People who meditate tolerate pain in a better way.
  4. It helps you to Relax.
  5. Reduces by 50% the possibility of having a heart attack. Meditation reduces hypertension and cholesterol levels.
  6. Increases the thickness of the brain. Meditation increases the volume of gray matter in areas related to emotion regulation and self-control, increases cortical thickness in areas related to attention, and strengthens the central brain region that regulates pain.
  7. The meditators show a greater activity of the enzyme telomerase, in charge of maintaining the ends of the chromosomes, which results in a delay in cellular aging.
  8. It increase your self-control. Meditators have a greater ability to find balance and to remain calm in stressful situations.
  9. Meditation encourages the activity of mirror neurons, which reverts to a greater capacity to empathize and promote the creation of social bonds.
  10. Meditation generates mental and emotional clarity, clears the mind and improves the ability to concentrate.

Guided meditation to lucid dreaming.

As we said, meditation is a powerful weapon to achieve lucid dreaming. A guided meditation can take you to the state of awareness you need to control what happens in your dreams.

There are several videos and audios people guiding dreamers through the process to relax and remain aware. Here we will give you the best ones.

Hypnosis for lucid dreaming with Jody Whiteley.

Kelly Howell guide to lucid dreaming

Michael Sealey hypnosis lucid dreaming travels.

We hope you enjoyed our post on Music for Lucid dreaming. If you find this information useful, please leave us your comment. We would love to her from you!


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